Pinkberry Partnership!


Photo credit: National Children’s Museum

Olga Roberts and her children, 4-year-old Ikaros, 2-year-old Nefeli and 9-month-old Alexandros have been NCM members since mid-December and visit the museum at least twice a week. Olga and her husband Stavros also own the Pinkberry at National Harbor, which is one of the establishments providing a special deal for NCM members. Today, we are also excited to announce a new partnership expansion: for every NCM customer who presents their same-day receipt or membership card at the time of a Pinkberry purchase, Pinkberry will donate 10 percent of those proceeds to the National Children’s Museum. Thank you, Olga and Stavros, for your support!

National Children’s Museum: Why did you purchase a membership?

Olga Roberts: I wanted my children to have a place where they can learn, discover and imagine while at play. The National Children’s Museum provides an ideal environment for them to do that. We also wanted to support NCM as much as we could, so we decided to become members.

NCM: What are your children’s favorite activities and programs here?

OR: The children love almost everything at the museum, but they enjoy the fire truck and the Thai tuk tuk the most. Our favorite theatre program is Imagination Playground and we love the Sesame characters that come out to visit.

NCM: Did you attend our Sid the Science Kid: The Movie member event?

OR: Yes. It was a wonderful children’s movie and we had a great time!

NCM: What types of programs would you like to see in the future?

OR: A children’s science show or world musical instrument workshop in the theatre would be fun. I would also love to see more children’s book authors hosting readings in the theatre.

NCM: Would you recommend the museum to others?

OR: Yes. We recommend the museum to everyone we know and meet.


One response

  1. It is so great that Olga has such a big heart for Children’s issues. It is quite a model for more women like her to support all people taking care of children’s issues like she does. Often many children not having similar opportunities, love and support and lack of any pressure from the community to do the right thing, citizens like Olga remind us how to truly care for the children of the world. In fact, I wanted to draw such attention for addressing such great causes by tweeting an invite to picket for giving more love to kids….and thanking Stavros Roberts personally for all the support Pinkberry has given; I am just aware today about how truly wonderful the Fairfax Corner Pinkberry may be in helping social work causes and our neediest families in Fairfax. (I can think of 5 other kids who would love the support just at this moment!!)

    Thanks so much!!
    Maria Dropisas
    Fairfax Social Worker

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